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SoundStart is led by Pathways Health Centre for Children
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  Tuesday, May 24, 2022

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When to Seek Help

Families should arrange an assessment for their child if they have concerns regarding their child’s speech and language development or if their child:

  • doesn’t meet the speech and language milestones for their age
  • rarely makes eye contact with others
  • avoids being with others
  • has repeated ear infections
  • doesn’t respond to sounds
  • has a rough, raspy voice or a voice that sounds like too much air is coming out of the nose
  • has difficulty eating or swallowing food
  • has difficulty following directions
  • acts frustrated when trying to communicate
  • stutters
  • is difficult to understand

SoundStart can be accessed when a parent, physician, nurse, teacher, or CAS worker etc. calls in a referral. Appointments will be booked soon after receipt of the referral. SoundStart drop-ins serve as a place where families can "meet" a Speech-Language Pathologist for general discussion regarding communication development.  Should there be a concern, it is recommended that children be scheduled for a speech-language assessment.

SoundStart accepts referrals until January 31st of the year a child becomes eligible to attend Grade 1. Children beyond this age should be referred for school-based services through their teacher.