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  Tuesday, May 24, 2022

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Speech is one of the ways we express our language. Speech considers the complex physical act of oral sound production and involves clarity and fluency.

Speech skills develop over time. It takes time for movements of the tongue, lips, jaw, larynx and soft palate to become coordinated. Speech skills begin to develop in the first months of life with cooing sounds and progress to complicated babbling by the end of the first year. Some sounds are mastered early on (like "b", "m", and "d"), while others may take years to perfect (like "ch", "r", and "th").

Caregivers can help a child's speech skills develop by modelling correct production of sounds and by exaggerating the sounds the child is mispronouncing.


Stuttering in Childhood

Many children move through a period of stuttering in their preschool years. For a small number of individuals, stuttering can continue into the school years and beyond. This document holds helpful information for those working with young children who stutter.

Reading with Young Children can Help them Learn Sounds

Click here for our top 10 books for working on specific sounds.

Having difficulty understanding your child's speech?

Click here for tips on how to help your child when their speech is difficult to understand.

Homework Calendar - Articulation

Homework Calendar - Articulation

Fun acitivities to play with your child per day to work on the sound that your child is having difficulties with.